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Got Some Ground Beef In The Freezer? Make These Delicious Recipes!

That’s right, folks – today we are bringing the very best ground beef recipes to your attention. I love ground beef; it is such a versatile ingredient, and often very inexpensive as well. Whenever ground beef is on sale I like to buy a big ol’ batch and throw it in the freezer. That way I’m saving a lot of money – and I always have some at hand, in case I don’t have time to go grocery shopping.

Ground beef dishes don’t have to be boring, either! For example, the empanadas on this list? They are TO DIE FOR. I’ve made them for parties, potlucks and weeknight snacks. My kids are crazy about them, and I believe my husband could eat an entire batch in one go if I wasn’t keeping an eye on him!

I plan on making at least two of these recipes this week, and all five of them are in our dinner rotation. Sometimes I tweak them a little bit, to get new flavors, but mostly my family loves these recipes as they are. I’m pretty sure yours will, too!