Butternuts Recipe

These are my most requested cookie. I usually make at least 500 of these at Christmas. Its a very simple recipe but packed with lots a flavor! I love a good cookie, and since most are easy to pull off I feel pretty confident making them even with my limited baking skills. This recipe is one of the easiest I know of, and is so damn good I ended up making them about a dozen times before I posted this recipe. Research, ya know… These cookies are a little softer and chewier than the mass-produced version you can find at the supermarket, Arnott’s Butternut Snap Cookies. But the lovely BUTTER and cocoNUT flavours that give Butternut Snap Cookies their name are unmistakable in this homemade version and make them irresistible. You’ve been warned!

Butternuts are cousins of our local black walnuts, only they are a lot easier to crack and they taste a lot milder. They also tend to crack in a cool “wing” pattern, which looks neat. I don’t know of anyone who sells butternuts, but the good news is that these cookies are just as good with black walnuts and even regular, store-bought walnuts. Pecans are a great choice, too.