Cinna-bun cake is a trend among the foodies these days. I love making them for my family and friends and it’s craved by all. I find it soothing to enjoy at home while reading a book or watching a movie. My recipe is easy and the end product is soft, delicious and buttery with the amazing flavour of cinnamon. Butter and cinnamon are one of my favourite combinations in baking. The best part of this cake is the brown sugar flavoured butter with cinnamon swirled into the batter. That gives a perfectly gorgeous cake once baked. You would be amazed to know how comforting this cake is once you try this at home. It is a perfect family treat for weekends, with no fuss. The vanilla glaze should be thick, so add the milk gradually to get the right consistency.
Serve the cake once it is baked until golden brown with that beautiful glaze on top and that would be a match made in heaven.